The New Bucket List

I’ve finally visited many of the childhood places I always wanted to see and have never really thought about where next.  So this is it, this is me pen to paper with a series of places to see before i die.

The historic location. Bagan, Myanmar.


My friends recently went here as part of their world tour and has become somewhere of interest over the years mainly due to it not being on the backpacker trail although that is rapidly changing.  Bagan is a series of temples spread over a 42km squared site.  In country largely unexplored since colonial times this represents some incredible untapped and undocumented history.

It is much like Machu Picchu in my head which i wanted to see since i was young and has become a life event place over the years for the backpacker masses.  Angkor Wat is another example.  I think this is the adventurer in me and feel i am already a few years too late in visiting this place.

Natural Phenomena Northern Lights

Northern Lights

This one is still outstanding on the list of awesome things to see.   There is some amazing time lapse photos of this natural phenomena both from space and places like Iceland.  There is little more to say other than how to see them.  We went to Iceland to see them and missed out but fancy doing this as part of a trip north through Sweden or Norway, maybe via Tromsø.  Nothing more really to say here.

Events, Marathon In Arctic Circle

I have a fascination with the remoter parts of the world, likely the introvert in me trying to find somewhere to be at peace.  It is one of the reasons why I run and this run is probably the most remote run you can possibly do.  There are many other event type runs to so and so this is one amongst many that I fancy doing.

The other things that appeal are

  • Triathlon – Once i learn to swim then this will be the target, many may say how about a Iron Man but that definitely needs some thought.  No idea on location.
  • Duathalon – Easiest option would be to get on a bike and do a duathlon.  Unlikely to escape and do one in a remote location but maybe the London Duathlon is a option.
  • Ultra running – There are a few that appeal here but think something like the Ultra Trail South West is something to aim for
  • Fell running – Likely something from this list

Never go back, well actually, Japan

They say you should never go back but there are some places I’d love to go back to.  Japan is one of those places and mixes everything i love, technology, history, spirituality – actually this is much more about inner peace than anything religious or profound.  There isn’t anything specific to go back for but would like to experience more of the same, maybe heading north in to the mountains rather than south.

Monkeys in Japan

There are a few places i’d go back to

  • Italy, I have been here so many times now but everytime i enjoy it and have explored much of the coast so maybe some of the more mountainous areas.
  • Iceland, Likely in the summer and hike the countryside seeing some of the same places as we did when visiting in the winter.
  • China, It is so big, so many more things to see.

Nature, Canada

I have never really had the urge to head to the far reaches of Australia or New Zealand but Canada appeals with it’s vast mountainous landscapes.  This place is likely to unlock my love of train travel, I’d travel everywhere this way if i could.  There is actually some history here in my name which i’d like to explore.  Hornby island, Hudson bay all link back to my family names and so would love to explore this further.  Should really start with a bit of Family Tree research.

Canada train travels

What Else?

There are actually too many places when i think about it.  I’d like to go back and explore some of the big old colonial forts and Raj history of India; I would like to go on safari and see some of the wildlife of Africa before it sadly dies out; do a roadtrip through America; visit more of the UK.  With the current environment in the way it is and because there are so many places i have never been to with countryside equal to that of Canada, Iceland or beyond.

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