London Cat Cafes 

Cat Cafes are straight of of Singapore via Japan and now London.  Londons first was In the form of Dinahs Cat Emporium but there are now a few in London. We chose to visit the London Cat Village in Shoreditch. The concept is simple, drink tea and juice with cake and cats.

Booking is easy and is just a case of reserving a 1hr slot online (£5 a hr). Having recently lost our own cat to a short illness we were keen to go and meet the furry little animals, in part to see if we were ready for a new one and just because it seemed a cool thing to do. 

There are 15 cats at London Cat Village spread over 2 floors, we arrived at 12 just before their feeding and so most of them were downstairs waiting for their steamed chicken, they eat well. 

The cats live here overnight also so it is basically their home. They don’t go out and are a mix of strays and rescued cats but all with rare breed or a cute look to them.  They are fairly sociable and after their dinner were out for a play and some sunlight on the ground floor.  They all look fairly happy and are well looked after. 

I even found one in the toilet. The hour is over fairly quickly but that was more than enough time for our cat fix and was definitely something that made us feel like we wanted another cat in our lives again. 

These places can book up and so plan ahead of you fancy going. It is a very chilled out coffee and cake experience and although a little pricey for us was worth it.  The receipt below was for two people sharing cake.

I do think they could have made it better through some additional information on the cats via information leaflets on the tables, although the waitresses had all the gossip on each of the cats. They could also use the opportunity to provide information on cat rescue centres. That might be taking it a little too far though.  Definitely one item on the London bucket list done. 

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