Running the Local Countryside

Hitchin, where I have lived for over 10 years is located mid-point between London and Cambridge.  It is a typical market town and I’ve written another blog post about what an amazing place it is to live.  What is also has is great countryside and paths for running.  These are some of the best in the local area.  At the moment I am training for a marathon and hate the dull repetitive runs and am always out to find a new route.  I will keep adding to this post as I find them and please let me know of any good runs.

Letchworth Garden City, Greenway (13miles).

images-1.jpgAlthough really the next town north of Hitchin the Greenway borders Hitchin and provides almost a perfect 13 mile loop of Letchworth.  You can join the path from Purwell in Hitchin and then the route is fully signposted via the Greenway logo.  It is also the route for the annual Greenway Challenge hosted by North Herts Road Runners.  The route is pretty undulating with shallow climbs up in to Letchworth from Purwell and then it undulates round the course from there.  You have to be ready for this run as once you start it is difficult to cut short without still having a fair distance back to Hitchin.

Letchworth Greenway.png

Hitchin Hoop (12 miles)

HOOP Waymark.jpg The Hitchin Hoop is a 12 mile loop round Hitchin taking in the south of the Greenway in addition.  It also skirts the Lavender fields one of the main tourist landmarks in Hitchin.  Its a reasonably flat route with two climbs to skirt the south (Charlton) and north (Lavender fields) of Hitchin.  You pretty much can’t escape this what ever route you take.  This is a favourite run as you are always not far from the centre of Hitchin and so can cut your run short if not feeling it.

hitchin hoop.png

Hicca Way (7 miles)

images.jpgI start this run from where the River Purwell and Hiz join rather than the start of the Hicca way at the source of the Hiz in Charlton.  This route is a one way trip north which you can run out to Arlesey and back or just get the train back from the station where the route emerges.  You can also if feeling strong carry the route on via the Kingfisher trail up to Biggleswade.

The route following a river is pretty flat so is a good gentle run route.  The route is also mainly cross country so it is fairly soft undergoing.  I have only run this in the summer so not sure how muddy it gets but could well do so.



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