BBC Travel International – Are we missing out?

To not be able to see a BBC commercially funded web site unless you are abroad seems really odd. If I was pitching my site and said i was going to exclude 60 million people as they lived in the UK and therefore were not international i’d be shot down in flames by the investor. Especially when the site is in English!

Favourite Train Journey’s

Not sure what it is about train journeys that make them so amazing, I even don’t mind commuting by train. The key to a successful train journey is a good seat, who you are with and what you are looking at out the window. There is something amazing about being able to get on something that can can take you 100’s of miles without having to queue and go through security or drive it yourself. I guess if i could my preference would be to walk but it would take me forever, so this is the next best thing. So with this in mind i have travelled where i can by train and these are my favourite train journeys to date.