Northern Ireland – Touring Game of Thrones

If you are not watching Game of Thrones on TV then switch over immediately and start watching. It is a combination of history throughout the ages with Dragons and Zombie hordes added for extra spice. This is then set against the backdrop of gorgeous countryside and scenery. It may be of surprise then to learn that most of it is filmed in Northern Ireland. We decided to take a weekend break here in part to meet up with a friend who had recently moved back and was determined to get us to come and visit. It is a short flight from London, just over 1hr and so is a great Friday night to Sunday evening weekend trip.

My Favourite Place – Cinque Terre

One, if not my favourite place in Italy is Cinque Terre (5 lands), comprising 5 villages (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore) and is located in the Liguria region of Italy.  The coastline is stunning and for me is far superior than the coasts of Amalfi.  It is part of a national park and the […]

Lola Cat – Family, Friend, Pet…

To say that Lola has been with me through the best and worst times is a understatement. She became one of the most important and consistent things in my life and has been there when needed. She has always acted like more of a dog cat, a Lo-Dog. I say that in she was so friendly, liked belly rubs and always wanted to be with you when you were in the house. She’d follow you round and always sit with you, understanding when you were ill, happy or sad. She had a unique little face and silver tanned coat which meant she looked unique and not like other cats. I can’t imagine she won’t be here anymore. It might seem a little emotional for a cat but she was more than that to me and I hope everyone that met her. Rest in peace Lola Puff.

BBC Travel International – Are we missing out?

To not be able to see a BBC commercially funded web site unless you are abroad seems really odd. If I was pitching my site and said i was going to exclude 60 million people as they lived in the UK and therefore were not international i’d be shot down in flames by the investor. Especially when the site is in English!

Favourite Train Journey’s

Not sure what it is about train journeys that make them so amazing, I even don’t mind commuting by train. The key to a successful train journey is a good seat, who you are with and what you are looking at out the window. There is something amazing about being able to get on something that can can take you 100’s of miles without having to queue and go through security or drive it yourself. I guess if i could my preference would be to walk but it would take me forever, so this is the next best thing. So with this in mind i have travelled where i can by train and these are my favourite train journeys to date.

Peñíscola – Game of Thrones S6 is being filmed here

Peñíscola Set mid-way between Valencia and Barcelona, Peñíscola besides having an unfortunate name is a gem of a place to visit with some great beaches, fortified town centre and a national park coastline.  It is also now the location of one of my favourite tv shows, Game of Thrones.  I have had the pleasure of spending […]